Python Exercise #1

This exercise is designed to get you started with basic programming and plotting  using Python.   You will need these skills for your class projects.

  1. If you haven’t already, consider installing Python on your own laptop.  Otherwise, you can use Python on the computers in Room 1411.
  2. Download and browse lessons 1-7 of these notes on Python by Prof. Alex DeCaria.  These seven lessons cover much of what you will need to know about Python to do your class projects (and many other useful things as well).
  3. The Planck function is given by Eq. 6.1 in the book (knowing what it’s for isn’t relevant to this exercise).   Using that equation, a) create, b) display, c) save as PDF, and d) print a plot similar to Fig. 6.3. Use the same axis limits, and provide axis labels and a title.