Instructions for installing Streamer

For Windows

For most Windows users, this should be a simple process:

  • Right-click on the following link to “Save as..”
  • Save the executable file ‘streamer.exe’ in the same directory as your Jupyter Notebook assignments.
  • To see if it works, open a terminal window on your computer, navigate to the above directory, and type ‘streamer’. You should get a complaint about no input file, followed by some guidance on usage.

If any of the above steps don’t work for you, let me know ASAP!

For Mac


I have not found a way to make a completely self-contained, statically linked executable Streamer program for Mac, so it’s apparently necessary to install a Fortran compiler first.

Step By Step

gfortran installation

To get the gfortran package, do ONE of the following:

  1. Open the App Store on your Mac (you can find it under “Applications”). Use the search field to find ‘Xcode’.  Of the results that show up, you want to install ‘Xcode developer tools’.  You will need to sign in with an Apple ID (easy to obtain if you don’t already have one).  The download/install process takes a little while — maybe 5-10 minutes.
  2. Start up Xcode by clicking on the icon in “Applications. You will need your administrator password to complete the installation when you start Xcode the first time.
  3. Find the Preferences menu under the Xcode tab.  Then select the “Downloads” tab.  You want to download/install “Command line tools”. Once again, you will need your administrator password.  The download is large and will take a while.
  4. For gfortran, visit the following page to download/install the appropriate .dmg file for your operating system: If necessary, you can find out what OS version you have by clicking on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen and selecting ‘About this Mac’.

Streamer installation

Once gfortran is installed, you may try either of the following:

5a) Download and save in an appropriate directory (e.g., the same directory as your 640 assignments) a pre-compiled Streamer binary from this link: After downloading, you’ll probably want to rename the file ‘streamer’ (or else modify the command used in the Python module that I will send you). Verify that it works (type ‘./streamer’ at the command line in the directory where it’s located). If it doesn’t, you’ll have to compile from source, as described below.


5b) Compile Streamer from source. Visit the following link
and save the file to your Downloads directory.  To complete the compilation of Streamer, open a terminal window, then

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xvf streamer.tar
cd progs
cp Makefile.osx Makefile

Then edit the Makefile (e.g., using vi, vim, nana, emacs, textedit, whatever) to modify the value of the variable FC from g77 to gfortran. Now compile the program by typing the following command in the terminal


If the compilation is successful, we will get an executable file named as streamer in the progs directory. Copy or move it to your working directory for Jupyter Notebook files.

Test it by typing ./streamer at the command line in the directory where it’s located.